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Ouarzazate Action is a full-service production company based in Morocco with offices in Marrakech and Ouarzazate. We are dedicated to creating content and delivering a first-class service to both local and international clients.

Our film fixers and line producers in Morocco from different parts of the industry (feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos, documentaries and photoshoots) are backed up with many years of talented and experienced Moroccan film crew.

This makes our production services company reliable for creating many successful films, television, commercials and still photography in Morocco.

We know exactly what it takes to make a good production in Morocco with effective cost and limited budgets. We can assist you to get the best out of film locations here in Morocco. We offer customized solutions to make your production a smooth and easy-going experience. We coordinate all logistics for your shooting in Morocco (Accommodation, transport, catering etc.). We also facilitate every aspect of your film production in Morocco from permits, scouting, budgeting, scheduling, crewing and gearing to shooting. 

In Ouarzazate Action, we make it financial sense to shoot in Morocco. With cheap labor and well experienced crew members in comparison to other countries and with the generous 20% cash rebate on money spent here in Morocco, We are a profitable one stop shop place for filmmakers. We also believe that safety has always been the first requirement for investing. While some countries refuse to accept some films for certain political reasons, Morocco has proven to be Open-minded and a welcoming land for all sorts of projects. With its organic, real and authentic filming locations, Morocco is a beautiful landscape that would be a one stop variant shop for your next projects.

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Fast and Precise
No Hidden Costs.
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Shooting Permits in Morocco

Ouarzazate Action is an authorized and registered company with Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM); This agency governs all film production in Morocco. We are quick thinkers and problem solvers who will work with you toward a successful on-location shoot and provide on-time permits and authorizations for your shooting in Morocco.

Location Scouting

We believe that good locations make good productions. Our location scouters in Morocco have collected an extensive location database. We provide suitable and practical scouting services in Morocco suggestions of any shooting locations around Morocco which is rich of landscapes and vast potential sets that will make your shooting special and unique.


Ouarzazate Action provides experienced multi lingual crew members who have been part of the biggest Productions that took place here in Morocco. With such crew, we believe that your project is in good hands for a final satisfaction of the service. 

 Accommodation and Catering

Ouarzazate Action offers a large selection and carefully selected small and individual accommodation at every price level such as stylish Moroccan Riads in the imperial cities, Kasbahs in the South, country cottages in the mountains and hotels in the big cities. Good place to stay calls for a good plate to have. For that, we offer the most competitive rates for catering services in Morocco with variable, delicious and hygienic food.  

Film Crew in Morocco

Ouarzazate Action provides experienced multi lingual crew members who have been part of the biggest Productions that took place here in Morocco. With such crew, we believe that your project is in good hands for a final satisfaction of the service. 

Custom Clearance and Visas

Our Service for custom clearing and visa validation has always been smooth and easy process. With the agencies we partner with, we make sure we arrange the clearance as earlier as possible with clear bids and tax calculation. Our production coordinators have been doing it for years for all kinds of equipment and from different countries both in the way in and out of the country.

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