In addition to its varied reasons that make Morocco a good place to shoot movies like to the diversity of its landscapes and the beauty of its locations. The Moroccan government offers a package of incentives to promote its film production. The incentives consist of attracting foreign-based film productions to shoot on location in Morocco. The eligible productions filming in Morocco can benefit from a 30% cash rebate on their expenses in the Kingdom. A foreign film will be eligible to receive the 30 percent cash back if its expenditures are at least  10 million MAD (US $1 million) and provides at least 18 days of work. The mentioned rebate is on all qualified expenses incurred within Morocco. The cash rebate comes in addition to the tax exemption (VAT) system of 20 percent that Morocco was granted the right to exempt eligible productions from certain taxes and fees. These exemptions mentioned make Morocco a very competitive destination for foreign production willing to reduce costs. The new scheme has reinforced Morocco as a key foreign location as alternative picture-book Middle eastern backdrop and landscapes. All this and more has helped Morocco to host very interesting projects, especially in Marrakech and Ouarzazate.

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